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~Epik High, “We are touched that the Thai fans are much above our expectations

August 14, 2008 by fabolousxxgirlxx

Hip hop group Epik High is given the green light for their advance into Thailand. They had their first showcase which saw more than 1000 fans and also did about 25 media interviews.

Epik High will be in Thailand Bangkok 6 days 5 nights from 9th August, which saw the heated response from fans there.

Tablo said over a phone interview, “We went there without much expectation, and it turned out we have a lot of fans here in Thailand. We were shocked when they sang along with us during our showcase performances. We have a tight schedule here, we are not feeling tired and is advancing smoothly.”

They had their outdoors showcase on 10th August in Bangkok Siam Centre which saw about 1000 fans turn up. They performed “Fan” and “Love Love Love”. They also did about 25 media interviews, and was followed up with by about 90 media personnel at the airport and also recognised by 10 media broadcast programs to be asked to perform in them.

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Credit : http://fabolousxxgirlxx.wordpress.com

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